Agriculture Attaché – Indonesia’s Embassy

The Attaché of Agriculture is a government official working directly under Indonesia's Embassy of Rome and The Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia.  Their mission is to promote Indonesian agriculture products to Italian market and Italian to raise recognition and brand awareness.

One of the main strategies was through advertising projects: digital campaigns, market research and traditional communication methods (advertisement on public transportation). Through strategical marketing plans, the branding and reputation development of Indonesian products can reach the right target and achieve agricultural trade goals.

Through 3 years collaboration from 2015 to 2018, as Project Manager and Content Strategist, I have realized more than 20 advertising projects, conducted market research and written numerous news to help expanding the B2B network between Indonesian agriculture businesses and Italian buyers.

Agriculture Attaché
Gov Official - Indonesia's Embassy
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The Brief

Our focus was to establish high standard of recognition and awareness for Indonesia’s agriculture products in Italy. Indonesia is one of the top producers for diverse products, including coffee, chocolate and spices. With the right marketing plan, it is more than just doable to make sure that Indonesian brand achieves certain level of reputation in Italy as agriculture is one of Indonesia’s main industry.

During collaboration with Indonesian Agriculture Attaché, Mr. Yusral Tahir, I worked with different graphic designers and media agency to help realizing paid marketing campaigns. The collaboration lasted the entire term of office of Agriculture Attaché from 2015 to 2018.

Advertising Campaigns

Project Management for 20+ Ads: organizing with photographer, graphic designer and media agency for three years.

Market Research

Conducting market research for agriculture in Italian market and writing thorough reporting. Duration: 6 months.

Temporary Web Dev

Construction of website based on WordPress with effective content creation to gain brand visibility and reputation growth.

The Strategy

During project management, I helped to identify the problem of improving the branding of Indonesian agriculture products in Italy (competitors and other issues). After problem identification, I proposed unique strategies deemed proper to better the reputation of Indonesian products in Italian market as the final target.

Furthermore, for the advertising projects, I also selected proper quality images to display, contact the right graphic designer that could make the advertising campaigns succeed, compose the marketing claims of each advertisement and assure that every project is concluded well. The results were the improvement of brand awareness and the growth of B2B network.

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