Wonderful Expo 2015

Wonderful Expo 2015 was a travel and food brand under Explora Tourism Board, which now becomes In Lombardia. This brand worked to promote the Universal Expo that was held in Milan in 2015. The focus was to communicate the excellence of alimentary products Made in Italy and destinations in Lombardy Region.

The collaboration took part as partnership between a group of international students named Young Ambassadors and Wonderful Expo 2015. Young Ambassadors were supervised by Vitality, a non-profit organization, and Eupolis Lombardia, Lombardy Region's Research Institute.

As a collaborator, I helped through B2B Networking, social media management and content creation.

Wonderful Expo 2015
Writing, Social Media, Ambassador
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The Brief

The focus of collaboration with Wonderful Expo 2015 was to write promotional articles and social media campaigns regarding the theme of Universal Exposition, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, plus improving the branding and reputation of Italian food and tourism to the international community through B2B networking and digital marketing.

During two years collaboration, I cooperated as a collaborator from Indonesia with members from diversified countries, such as Hong Kong, China, Egypt, Brazil, Poland, Greece, The United States, The United Kingdom etc. Our mission was to connect diversities and to accomplish productive projects together as a team with different unique qualities.

Blogs & Articles

I wrote numerous articles regarding food and tourism in Lombardy Region in English.

Social Media Management

I created and managed social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.


Converting networks or potential projects into real ones by reaching our targets.


At the beginning, the collaboration was agreed through travel and food blogging at least once a month in either Italian or English language so that the group Young Ambassadors could communicate Expo 2015, food and travel not only to international community but also to Italian citizens. After  some time, the collaboration was developed into networking with other public entities to better the branding, reputation and awareness.

With the increasing followers, fans and also messages from potential networks, it had shown that actually both brands “Young Ambassadors” and Wonderful Expo 2015 had achieved extraordinary results in concluding the projects defined at the beginning.

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