Balich Worldwide Shows

B alich Worldwide Shows is large shows organizing company which headquarter is located in Milan, Italy. They have great team of people who collaborate also with external independent consultants that can help them realize different projects.

My collaboration with Balich occurred in spring 2018 when there was gonna be the Asian and Paralympic Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. They needed a collaborator who could give a hand in translating and checking documents and marketing campaigns to and from Indonesian for Paralympic opening and closing ceremony.

As a native Indonesian, I assisted them in translating and writing in my mother tongue so that they could complete the necessary files requested at that time for the project so that they can accomplish their mission for the ceremonies.


Balich Worldwide Shows
Spring 2018
Language & Communication
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The Brief

My tasks during the collaboration was to translate different preparation documents needed to complete the organization of the opening and closing ceremony of Asian Paralympic Games in Jakarta in summer 2018. They required a person who can speak and write Italian, English and Indonesian fluently to be a part of their team. In addition, I also helped the rechecking of marketing campaigns to ensure that it’s adapted well to Indonesian culture and localized.

While working with them, I cooperated with different teams, including the marketing (creative writers and graphic designers), legal and administrative team to ensure that every file asked is complete, especially the translation and the rechecking. Proper translation was essential as I also had to consider the adaptability to the local values and culture (especially for the marketing part).

Documents Translation

Translations for legal, administrative and technical documents.

Presentation Check

Checking the presentation for the proposal of opening and closing ceremony.


Marketing checking: audio, visual file and contents, to be in line with local values.

How I Did It

When I was doing this project, I knew there was an important thing to keep in mind while translating the documents and marketing preparation: that it has to be accurate and that it has to be appropriate at the same time according to the local tradition and way of life. To me, translation is not only about transferring a message in a different language but it is also the transfer of culture.

When I translate anything, I try to communicate in other culture’s thought. I don’t only literally provide the message in other language just the way it is but I also ensure that it is communicated properly, so that it wouldn’t offend other nationals (in the case of marketing or web pages translation) as every country might have different way of saying the same message.

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