Indonesia’s Pavilion – Expo 2015

Indonesia is one of Expo 2015's participating countries. The pavilion was created with the concept, "The Stage of the World".

The pavilion included multiple stages that allowed its visitors to learn about Indonesian food production and culture. Furthermore, they were also able to experience Indonesia's nature in 3D through oculus exhibition.

At Expo 2015, Indonesia built a pavilion that is similar to a house full of activities, just like in their homeland. The design of the Pavilion was about the interaction between Indonesian farmers and fishing communities, including the Bubu (a tool to catch fish) and the Lumbung (a storage for harvesting yields).

My tasks were to translate the pavilion's documents and to help them communicate effectively about Indonesia and its cultural aspects to the visitors.

Pavilion of Indonesia
Expo 2015
Translation & Communication
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The Brief

To make sure that the pavilion runs smoothly during Universal Expo 2015 in Milan, many documents and files should be provided to Italian authorities. Therefore, accurate translations for these were necessary to accomplish the goals. I was requested to collaborate with them to help translating the official documents and files of the pavilion so that it could be submitted correctly.

In addition, other than documents translation, I also took part as the communication team inside the pavilion as I speak Italian fluently so that I could help them explain Indonesian culture, food and destinations to the daily visitors who came to listen and ask.


I translated the documents needed by the pavilion and also some marketing campaigns utilized in the pavilion.

Food Culture Communicator

I joined the communication team to promote Indonesian food culture to the visitors of the pavilion.

Travel Communicator

Not only food, I also communicated about natural travel destinations in Indonesia to visitors.

The Work Process

For the communication team, I collaborated also with Italians and other fellow Indonesian citizens during Expo 2015 as the visitors flow was really high at the pavilion. With the team, we promoted Indonesian alimentary culture, tradition and natural resources so that people will understand better about Indonesia.

Indonesia's Pavilion

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