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What? Modern Trekker is an American travel blog designed to give travel advice to its readers. They are considered as above the average among its competitors for an online travel magazine as many travel bloggers from around the world contribute to their online magazine.

The heart of their magazine is the passion and experience of the travel bloggers who regularly share stories. There are numerous writers who tell different trip experiences for the magazine, simply to share tips and tricks while visiting certain destinations.

My collaboration with them was to tell and share my stories about the spots and activities I would suggest to potential visitors of the city and to the readers to broaden their imagination while they are thinking about Milan.

Modern Trekker
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The Brief

Italy is full of surprises for its local destinations. Having been in Milan since August 2011, the focus of my travel writing with them was to share my knowledge about particular spots to be at when travelers come to visit the city and things that can be done, for example: the well-known luxury corner of Montenapoleone or the cool street of Corso Sempione.

Not only that I wrote to share experiences and what I know about these attractions, I also provided numerous visual contents (exclusive photos) to complete the articles and blog posts as when we write without any photo or video to support, it can be less interesting for the readers as they cannot imagine perfectly about what we are telling them.

Article Proposals

I proposed travel blog or articles that could be interested for their readers based on request: topics about Milan.

Exclusive Photos

I captured my own photos of Milan when I submitted travel articles to them.

Articles Creation

I wrote unique quality articles to be approved by them and then to be published on the website.

The Collaboration

Traveling leaves you speechless but then it turns you into a storyteller – I. Battuta

Eternal Milan in Black and White

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