Vitality was founded in 2012 to create opportunities and network between people coming from different cultures and nationalities.
It carries out research, planning, training, support and activities, contributing to the development of inclusive and integrated communities in which differences are considered resources.

Vitality promotes connections between people, ideas and projects, creating a connected space where everyone can contribute. During my 6 years collaboration, I helped to create projects, redevelop the website based on WordPress and managed their various social media channels.

The collaboration began when I was still a Master Degree student in 2013 as Lombardy Region and Vitality had a project together, Meeting Lombardy, searching international students with scholarship to learn more about Lombardy Region and Expo 2015.

Benefit Corporation
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The Brief

Our goal was to establish network opportunities with more interested professionals and organizations to design and plan projects together. During the collaboration, I managed to bridge network between the organization and Indonesian government institutions or other public body. In addition, I also provided consultancy and aid in transferring and redeveloping the old Joomla website to WordPress. As additional collaboration, I also provided social media management service to several pages in order to construct recognized digital reputation.

The collaboration with Vitality has been productive as I had the chance to work in a multicultural environment where the collaborators and professionals come from different backgrounds, countries and qualifications. Together, we had initiated and concluded plentiful proposal and programs to achieve as a team.

Project Management

Creating network to build opportunities and managing accepted projects with other entities.

Web Development

Redesigning and redeveloping old site from Joomla CMS to WordPress to guarantee comfort.

Social Media Management

Creating social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter and publishing updates.

The Strategy

For the project management, I did some research about potential clients and the target market we would like to reach and proposed some ideas to be designed as projects. After market identification, then I created proposal and contacted the clients as I was sure they would need the offered collaboration. Not only getting some projects to manage, I also conclude the projects by setting productive timelines, roadmaps and work-plans to assure that they finish well with satisfying results.

For the web redevelopment, I proposed to remake the website of Vitality based on WordPress CMS instead of continuing on Joomla to give comfort and assure the ease of use and navigation by the admin and also by visitors. Moreover, for the social media management, I managed the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter page to publish updates, build engagement and emotional bond with the followers and fans of the organization, Vitality.

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