Influencer Marketing: A Trend to Follow?

Lately, the number of brands that utilizes influencer marketing has grown to significant sum. Numerous companies or even organizations collaborate with noted influencers or popular figures on the internet so that their products or services get endorsement from the internet celebrities followed by many. What about you?

As you might have heard, Influencer marketing literally means having internet celebrities endorse a product or service by giving reviews after they try the mentioned product or service. Influencer marketing has begun to dominate in the last five years. Companies search influencers to obtain better reputation for their brands as by getting positive reviews from influencers, especially the well-known ones, their products or services will be recognized by the influencers’ followers too, with the hope to convert them into customers.

According to Business Insiders, the budget for influencer marketing will keep increasing in the next three years up to 2022. For social media influencers, brands mostly collaborate with instagrammers to promote and endorse their products. The collaboration between brands and Instagram influencers varies from free product gifts collaboration, coupon codes special for influencers or even to the paid endorsement.

Why Do You Need Influencer Marketing?
In the last few years, most marketers have proven that influencer marketing works just as efficient as the regular paid marketing campaigns. When you select the right influencers for your products, you will receive not only authentic endorsement but also free product testing on the market by someone having high influence that could be the turning point of your brand success.

Dominating influencers are followed by their fans because these fans would like to get inspiration about the “perfect” lifestyle they could apply in their daily life. When an influencer reviews your product or service positively, it is more than likely that his or her followers will be interested in trying your product or service too, especially when they are searching the same type of products.

With influencer marketing, you are working to achieve brand awareness and probably also, better conversion rate compared to those not using this marketing strategy. By saying brand awareness, I’m talking about real engagement on social media and reputation when these influencers’ followers begin to talk about you and share the review on their profiles too. Imagine about the signups and sales conversion you can obtain from positive endorsement and reviews.

However, Be Careful…
Yeah, you read it correctly. Be careful when you pick influencers to collaborate with. You don’t want influencers who gain followers or fans from buying and who exchange engagement (likes or comments). And yes, let me tell you, many do that. You have to be extremely cautious about the one you will collaborate with.

You don’t want these as you want genuine engagement from these influencers or you are going to waste both time and money without any conversion. Maybe you can get some brand awareness as their fellow influencers’ friends start to hear about you but you certainly also want conversion other than just awareness and reputation.

So, pick collaboration wisely and track thoroughly as you desire profitable returns. When you choose them right, the partnership will be fruitful and both you and your influencer will get satisfaction from a successful campaign.

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